Billy Derbes
Advanced Programs
Billy is a former employee of and current consultant to L.Garde. He was the Program Engineer for L.Garde’s solar sail study and development programs under NASA ISP, NASA ST5 and ST9, Team Encounter, and NOAA. He developed preliminary designs of the 300 m Innovative Space-Based Radar Technology (ISAT) sub-Tg rigidizable truss, SPORT Aerobrake, Rapid Eye High-Altitude Unmanned Air Vehicle, High Power-Aperture Antenna Concept Exploration (HPACE), and inflatable solar arrays. He developed and co-patented telescopic boom deployment. Under the JPL Inflatable Technologies program and Team Encounter Solar Sails, he developed L.Garde’s filament wound semi-monocoque boom construction. He performed aerodynamic, mechanical, and computational dynamics and control analysis on a hypervelocity bent-body rolling airframe “switch-tail” projectile.

Before coming to L.Garde, Billy worked at Sparta, Inc. Laguna Hills, Rockwell International Seal Beach, and Martin Marietta New Orleans. Work included missile and warhead design, spacecraft bus design and orbital operations, interceptor fly-out and engagement studies for survivability, and advanced Shuttle derivative concepts.