Gordon Veal
Board Member
Mr. Veal is the retired Vice President of L.Garde, Inc. During his time at L.Garde, he was Program Manager or Program Engineer for numerous programs involved with both thin film structures and inflatably deployed and rigidized supporting structures. These programs include the NASA/JPL Inflatable Antenna Experiment for which he was the Principal Investigator. This experiment flew on STS 77 in 1996 and demonstrated deployment of a large inflatable reflector system. The reflector aperture was 14m diameter while the booms that attached to the Spartan carrier vehicle were 30m long. Mr. Veal has also been responsible for the design of all L.Garde Inflatable Decoys and Targets from concept development through final design. These programs included the Inflatable Exo-atmospheric Object, Dual Decoy Technology, Thrusted Replica Decoy, Advanced Replica Decoy, Lightweight Replica Target, Special Replica Target, plus numerous Spherical Balloon Targets and Decoys. Mr. Veal has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California.